Bridge to the art world! Is it clay, metal, stone? No, it’s wool.

January 22, 2010

Chagall Influenced Sculptural Wool Painting

Building a bridge from the craft world to the art world takes softer footing, softer materials, softer application, except for the stabbing. I’m talking about fiber art. The kind I engage in is done not with a sewing needle, but with a felting needle. Creating works of art is done through thousands of pokes with this very pointy, barbed needle through wool fleece, aka the stuff that is later spun into yarn.¬† Working with this material, I swirl colors together in a very Impressionistic way to create figures and wall hangings, which I coined, “Sculptural Wool Paintings.” My canvas is wool, my paint is wool.

Needle felting¬† or felting in general, has long been established as a craft. You can find craft supplies and shops selling the finished goods all over the web. What you may not often find is needle felting in the category of fine art. And yet, the beauty, the texture, the imagery is easily comparable to paintings and sculpture. It’s just a paradigm shift…a soft, fuzzy, vibrant and natural one!Most Used